Our field trip to the coastal marshlands:                                                                                                 

Our first stop was here.  The kids got out to explore and we got up close and personal with some cattails. 

Above are the some of the remains of the many owl pellets that we found. 

Here we are at the bay looking for crabs and whatnot. 

I love nature field trips.  Next time, I’ll remember to bring sunscreen.  For a more in-depth post on our field trip, check out this blog

Friday, as we gathered with other rocking secular moms, we got to swap stories of the fun times we had at public school field trips.   Those trips where you follow the bus, jump out, run through the exhibit (you have exactly 5 minutes to explore), file out, sit for two hours eating lunch and doing nothing, load up and putter back home.  Fun times!  One mom even told us about her daughters “amazing” field trip to the local……………………wait for it……………………………..MALL!!!!  Does that sound like fun or what??

Our field trip was fun! We were able to leisurely stroll down the nature path (well, as leisurely as young boys will let you).  We got in the car to explore the Refuge with NO idea where we were going!  It’s grand when you can “stop and smell the roses”  or the sweet smell of marshes and see the blue blueness of blue crabs.