The Three Questions    Based on a story by Leo Tolstoy  Written and Illustrated by Jon J Muth

If you are like me and always on the look out for great books that teach REAL values and enlighten the mind, then this is a book worth checking out.  

Nickolai is looking for some answers.  He doesn’t always know how to behave and he wonders, “When is the best time to do things?” “Who is the most important one?” and “What is the right thing to do?”  His three friends are on hand,   Religion (portrayed by a heron), Worldly Pleasure (portrayed by a monkey, and government (portrayed by a dog), each give Nickolai their TRUTH/ANSWER .   Their conflicting answers lead  Nickolai to seek out Leo the Turtle .   You will want to discover what he learns and so will your children! 

This message of this book is a great way to confront the black and white, intolerent and static answers that we find in the world today! 

Nickolai looks like my Puddles, no?