I’ve  been pretty ho hum about our Homeschool name.  After creating our new crest, I felt inspired to think of a new name.  Our School Motto is : Let Nature be our Guide.  The word VIS in our motto has a ring to it.

I got online and researched the many definitons of VIS.  Here are my findings. 

Latin: Force or Power
Afrikaans: Fish
Anglo-Norman: Face
Danish: NOUN Manner, way or ADJ-Wise
Dutch:  Noun- FIsh
Norwegian:  Wise
Romanian: Dream or vision

I had a few misgivings about Vis when I thought of it as FORCE. We’re not forcing ourselves to learn or being forceful in a negative sense. But there are so many ways to look at force. We ARE a force to be reckoned with and the force of the Universe is our guide.  The Power within ourselves and the power we see in the world around us inspires us and makes us strong. 

Because of our nature theme, I was tickled when I read that vis can mean FISH in some languages.  Words like Wise, Vision,  Manner and Way speak to our enlightened journey! 

We are a wise force to be reckoned with on the Way, full of vision, dreams and Fish. 😉