Ah! The Piney Woods.  We met up with other Triangle Homeschoolers for a day of hiking in The Big Thicket. 
Our first trail  was a mile long hike in the woods.  It was an easy hike and the kids had a blast running up ahead and around the bend.  Not so far guys!! 


We looked tirelessly for Pitcher Plants, those carnivorous plants that this trail is known for. We almost gave up but just as we were finishing up the trail…. One of  our observant homeschoolers pointed them out.  We spent a few moment taking photographs (I don’t have any, AngelBoy had my camera at this point.  🙂 ).   

After we finished our 1 mile hike with no hitches, we stopped at the pavilion for a lunch  break. 


“Give us your Pringles and no one gets hurt!”

Next we all piled in our cars and drove down to The Big Thicket Nature Center.  This was a treat for everyone.  The kids were able to see a life sized display of a pitcher plant, check out microscope slides from things found in the big thicket, learn about fires, snakes, crawdads, butterflies and the many habitats of the Big Thicket. 

Our final hike of the Day was probably everyone’s favorite.  We stopped at the trailhead for some group pictures

and the kids took a moment to discover just what really is under rotting bark.

My cameras battery went dead at this point.  Remember how Angelboy had my camera??  He decided to make movies on the way to the Nature Center.   I wish they were great and I could post them, but mostly they are just movies of his nose. 

On the Kirby Trail, we found a stag beetle that we were able to observe (speciman containers do come in handy), we looked for armadillo holes, listened to the bugs and walked down to the slough.  I won’t lie, the end of the trail was a killer.  We were ALL ready to be done about .5 miles before we made it back to the trailhead.  There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth and the kids complained a lot too. 

In my delirium, I allowed kids to go in two seperate directions to find the nearest trail marker that would let us know which way to go and NO ONE came back.  One of our mama’s followed the kids that I had sent down the wrong trail to gather them back up (sorry h~) and I took the remaining children and we trudged the rest of the way back. 

We had the special treat of NICE WEATHER yesterday!!  I am just LOVING our field trips this year.  Thank You Triangle Homeschoolers!!