Angel Boy found a turtle this weekend.  Teddy the Turtle was very cute and he even became comfortable with us after a few hours and we got to watch him run around and crawl everywhere.  Although I let AngelBoy KNOW that he could NOT keep this turtle, he got quickly attached.  He ran away yesterday afternoon and everyone was very sad. 

Saturday afternoon we made a trip down to a local nursery and got a few pumpkins.

The kids are looking forward to carving them this week.  We got them each their own small pumpkin to carve.  🙂  I found the most beautiful pumpkin!  I usually buy them at the grocery store, so it was nice to actually get to pick out a big, well formed pumpkin. 

Last year we went to a pumpkin patch to take pictures but it was entirely too bright.  The kids were very annoyed and I was very cranky by the time we left.  This year, it was still too bright to take pictures but we took it all in stride.  

We’ll be working on our Halloween Lapbook this week!