This week, the kids have been working in our Halloween Lapbook.  Today, after a 2 hour lapbook session, the kids carved their pumpkins!

Jellybean drew the face for her pumpkin.  I thought she did a great job!  I carved it for her. 

Puddles did all of his work himself.  I did however have to help him clean out some of his more stubborn pulp. 

Angelboy and his pumpkin.  Great job Angelboy!

Bella carved the front and backside of her pumpkin. 

Puddles and Angelboy collaborated on the cover for our lapbook.  We’ve enjoyed learning a bit about the history of Halloween and the history behind the customs.  I think our favorite activity has been reading a child’s version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow”.  Tomorrow, we’ll write a Halloween Limerick and learn a little about bats.  Yesterday we read up on spiders, which is always fun! 

Here is the kids  Halloween Acrostic Poem

H – Happy Halloween
A- Apple Bobbing (which is actually an Ancient custom.
L- Lollipops and Candy
L- Little Kids in Costumes
O- Omens
W- Witches and Wizards
E- Evil Laughs
E- Eve