Sunday night we took the kids Trick or Treating.   to my husband’s aunt’s neighborhood.  (that’s a mouthful) This was our first year to do traditional trick or treating.  Angelboy took great joy in knocking on doors to say “Trick or Treat”!    After 30 minutes of walking, the kids got tired and we decided to head back towards our house.   As we were leaving, the streets were lined both ways with cars.   We slowly made our way out of the maze when we became a part of this.

Lots and lots of THIS!  Because of the parked cars lining the streets (both ways) the road had become a one way street.   After sitting at a stalemate for a few minutes, I bravely got out of our van and directed traffic!  That’s right….Traffic Controller, at your service.  I got three cars to back down the street in reverse, even if begrudgingly and then stood in the middle of the road to ensure no more morons people came into neighborhood until we could get out! 

Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone!  Gold star for me. 🙂