Welcome to the Texas Ren Fest School Days Field Trip.  If you’ll look to the left, you’ll see Bella and ~h showing off their capes.  You can call it kooky, you can call it fun but we take our Ren Fest Costumes SERIOUSLY!   

  Exhibit 2.  Green and Black tights.  What do they have to do with the Renaissance?  I don’t know.  I bought them for my Halloween costume adn since I was a witch and witches have striped tights (because I say so) and because…well… I got nothing.  Basically I just wanted to wear them. 

Bella got the opportunity to give “tribute” to one of the knights at the joust.  My favorite part?  After Bella tied her tribute to the lance, the knight said (valiantly), “I joust for Bella!”  It was great, even if he did lose~

Look, it’s my tights again.

Here we are at the coin mint watching the man make our necklaces.  This was a great way to end the day. 

 Here’s a group shot.  It makes me giggle.  They don’t look so happy but they had a great day!