Today was our first day back to school after our Winter Break.    This morning we implemented our new Chore Chart System.   I’ve had a couple of friends implement Chore Charts this past semester.   I liked both of the systems, so I took a cues from both and came up with a system that would best suit our family.  Thanks ladies for the ideas!  I’ll post pictures soon.

 Although I’m sure it will wear off quickly, everyone LOVED being able to tear off their chores from the “To do” list and velcro them to the “Done” list.   I prepped the system while visiting my mom this past week and now all I have to do is pick out chores for each child out of an envelope taped to the wall.  No writing chores down, no checking them off, no setting up a weekly schedule.  All the chores have been printed out, laminated, and velcro-ed. 

Puddles tried his hand at laundry.  He can wash, he can dry, sadly, he can not fold. I think he takes after his father (although, to be fair, his father is an excellent folder but chooses not to exercise those skills). 

I spent the next few hours helping each of the children with their independent work and trying to gage where they are at and where we might need to bring in reinforcements.  Angelboy needs some more drill work in Math.  He’s coming along quite well in phonics, history and science).  Puddles has proven that he has worked REALLY hard last semester to learn his math facts (especially his addition facts).   Having a child with ADD has taught me that it’s ok to slow down and not move until he’s mastered something!  I’m glad that I’m allowed him the opportunity of mastering drills (On his own, Go Puddles!!).  I bought Bella a new Science Book and a new La Art Daily Drill book. 

The kids and I had fun testing our knowledge of the Northeast USA and look forward to diving back into to Harry Potter and American History tomorrow.