It’s been six months since I’ve added an update to my blog. The silence is due to some major changes that are happening at our house. As of this fall, my children will be entering the public school system. As of last week, I have returned to school and I am getting certified to teach.

I can’t really go into the details online, but it’s become necessary that I go to work. Going to work makes it necessary for my children to go back to school. It’s bittersweet. I always assumed that when and if my children went back to school, it would be one at a time on an as needed basis.

I’ve been scrambling over the past few months to make certain that my children are ready for the public classroom setting. It’s been a daunting task.

After being in class for a week and fully understanding the implications of teaching in the public classroom today, I want you to be encouraged that homeschooling is a great option for your children. If you continue to get your children involved in the community, broaden their world to include people of all walks of life and allow them the opportunity to learn from you and others, you ARE doing a great job! Don’t ever doubt that.

I am excited. I am nervous. I am sad. I am happy. This is a new journey for me and my children. I hope to be the kind of teacher that children will remember for the rest of their lives.

Namaste to everyone!