Tuesday we took a quick trip to Forbidden Gardens.  I thought I’d share some picture from our day.  I brought my crew (minus Jellybean) and 2 extras on our trip back in time to Ancient China.  It was overcast but our group thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

 After a 20 minute film,

which I thought was informative but a bit on the dry side, we took the kids on a self- guided (we have the worst luck getting tour guides to show up anyplace we go)tour of the terracotta warriors and the small scale replica of the Forbidden City.  I’d love to go there myself one day!  The only thing missing was The Great Wall of China. 



Everyone got the chance to bang a gong (which is really cool AND really loud!) and see other weapons and musical instruments.  I’m pretty sure the highlight of the day (for the boys, at least) was climbing the hill that represented the underground tomb/city of the first Emperor of China. 

After a lengthy visit to the gift shop, we all purchased little trinkets to commemorate our day.  Swords for Angelboy and PuddleJumper, A butterfly pin for Bella and fancy chopsticks for me J.

Sadly, after this month, Forbidden Gardens will be no more.  It’s closing forever to make way for a Hwy expansion.   I hope the exhibits find their place in other museums. 

Thanks for sharing in our day!