I had a bad day today.    The day started out slow.  We finally pulled out the books and I started our American History lesson and it REALLY could have been a great lesson if we could have changed ONE thing.  ME.  Yes, Me.  I stood in the way of a fun lesson today.  In fact, I sapped any joy, fun or life right out of the lesson and instead inserted insanely high standard mom who can only see fault with any and all involvement.   For example, “What do mean you don’t know the definitions to these words that you’ve never seen before??  How dare you!” OR “That’s the worst coloring job I’ve ever seen in my life.”  “Do you think that you are going to grow up one day and get a job and have an apartment by playing Video Games all day?”  “If you can’t answer this question, I’m giving you away.” 

Someone please.  Send me my “I’m the Worst Mother in the World” Award.  I’ve throughly earned it.  How about, “Less talking and asking questions and more writing and coloring pages.”or my favorite from the day  “You need a Reality Wake Up Call Boot Camp.” 

I must be put in the Box of Shame.  Someone bring me the Box of Shame. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.