Molly had her kittens this week.  Four cute and cuddly kitties for us to adore for the next couple of months.  We have one calico and 3 molly juniors.  The kids were able to be here for the birth process.  Of course, the kids are LOVING the kitties.  Molly has decided that AngelBoy is a qualified babysitter.  Last night, Molly brought all her kittens to him while he was sleeping.  I guess she was looking for a break and wanted him to watch them for her.  Today, I took the kitties (in their basket) to the living room and Molly promptly brought them back to the Jeremy’s bed and hid them in his blanket.  🙂  It’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed!  Who knew a newly 7 year old boy could be esteemed so highly by a newly (fiercely overprotective) mama cat.