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It’s been six months since I’ve added an update to my blog. The silence is due to some major changes that are happening at our house. As of this fall, my children will be entering the public school system. As of last week, I have returned to school and I am getting certified to teach.

I can’t really go into the details online, but it’s become necessary that I go to work. Going to work makes it necessary for my children to go back to school. It’s bittersweet. I always assumed that when and if my children went back to school, it would be one at a time on an as needed basis.

I’ve been scrambling over the past few months to make certain that my children are ready for the public classroom setting. It’s been a daunting task.

After being in class for a week and fully understanding the implications of teaching in the public classroom today, I want you to be encouraged that homeschooling is a great option for your children. If you continue to get your children involved in the community, broaden their world to include people of all walks of life and allow them the opportunity to learn from you and others, you ARE doing a great job! Don’t ever doubt that.

I am excited. I am nervous. I am sad. I am happy. This is a new journey for me and my children. I hope to be the kind of teacher that children will remember for the rest of their lives.

Namaste to everyone!


The Tale of the Bad Day

I had a bad day today.    The day started out slow.  We finally pulled out the books and I started our American History lesson and it REALLY could have been a great lesson if we could have changed ONE thing.  ME.  Yes, Me.  I stood in the way of a fun lesson today.  In fact, I sapped any joy, fun or life right out of the lesson and instead inserted insanely high standard mom who can only see fault with any and all involvement.   For example, “What do mean you don’t know the definitions to these words that you’ve never seen before??  How dare you!” OR “That’s the worst coloring job I’ve ever seen in my life.”  “Do you think that you are going to grow up one day and get a job and have an apartment by playing Video Games all day?”  “If you can’t answer this question, I’m giving you away.” 

Someone please.  Send me my “I’m the Worst Mother in the World” Award.  I’ve throughly earned it.  How about, “Less talking and asking questions and more writing and coloring pages.”or my favorite from the day  “You need a Reality Wake Up Call Boot Camp.” 

I must be put in the Box of Shame.  Someone bring me the Box of Shame. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Forbidden Gardens

Tuesday we took a quick trip to Forbidden Gardens.  I thought I’d share some picture from our day.  I brought my crew (minus Jellybean) and 2 extras on our trip back in time to Ancient China.  It was overcast but our group thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

 After a 20 minute film,

which I thought was informative but a bit on the dry side, we took the kids on a self- guided (we have the worst luck getting tour guides to show up anyplace we go)tour of the terracotta warriors and the small scale replica of the Forbidden City.  I’d love to go there myself one day!  The only thing missing was The Great Wall of China. 



Everyone got the chance to bang a gong (which is really cool AND really loud!) and see other weapons and musical instruments.  I’m pretty sure the highlight of the day (for the boys, at least) was climbing the hill that represented the underground tomb/city of the first Emperor of China. 

After a lengthy visit to the gift shop, we all purchased little trinkets to commemorate our day.  Swords for Angelboy and PuddleJumper, A butterfly pin for Bella and fancy chopsticks for me J.

Sadly, after this month, Forbidden Gardens will be no more.  It’s closing forever to make way for a Hwy expansion.   I hope the exhibits find their place in other museums. 

Thanks for sharing in our day!


Kittens are Here!

Molly had her kittens this week.  Four cute and cuddly kitties for us to adore for the next couple of months.  We have one calico and 3 molly juniors.  The kids were able to be here for the birth process.  Of course, the kids are LOVING the kitties.  Molly has decided that AngelBoy is a qualified babysitter.  Last night, Molly brought all her kittens to him while he was sleeping.  I guess she was looking for a break and wanted him to watch them for her.  Today, I took the kitties (in their basket) to the living room and Molly promptly brought them back to the Jeremy’s bed and hid them in his blanket.  🙂  It’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed!  Who knew a newly 7 year old boy could be esteemed so highly by a newly (fiercely overprotective) mama cat.

Happy New Year

Today was our first day back to school after our Winter Break.    This morning we implemented our new Chore Chart System.   I’ve had a couple of friends implement Chore Charts this past semester.   I liked both of the systems, so I took a cues from both and came up with a system that would best suit our family.  Thanks ladies for the ideas!  I’ll post pictures soon.

 Although I’m sure it will wear off quickly, everyone LOVED being able to tear off their chores from the “To do” list and velcro them to the “Done” list.   I prepped the system while visiting my mom this past week and now all I have to do is pick out chores for each child out of an envelope taped to the wall.  No writing chores down, no checking them off, no setting up a weekly schedule.  All the chores have been printed out, laminated, and velcro-ed. 

Puddles tried his hand at laundry.  He can wash, he can dry, sadly, he can not fold. I think he takes after his father (although, to be fair, his father is an excellent folder but chooses not to exercise those skills). 

I spent the next few hours helping each of the children with their independent work and trying to gage where they are at and where we might need to bring in reinforcements.  Angelboy needs some more drill work in Math.  He’s coming along quite well in phonics, history and science).  Puddles has proven that he has worked REALLY hard last semester to learn his math facts (especially his addition facts).   Having a child with ADD has taught me that it’s ok to slow down and not move until he’s mastered something!  I’m glad that I’m allowed him the opportunity of mastering drills (On his own, Go Puddles!!).  I bought Bella a new Science Book and a new La Art Daily Drill book. 

The kids and I had fun testing our knowledge of the Northeast USA and look forward to diving back into to Harry Potter and American History tomorrow.